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My work embodies yearnings to discover the invisible line between reality and feeling. The recurring motive is the dialogue between the camera and the image, struggling to convey what is seen and what is hinted, trespassing from time into space and beyond, touching the simplest, most authentic sensations.

Through the process of layering of various images and objects, meticulous editing and subtracting, the landscape created
conveys a complex multi-dimensional tale, in which nature is embodied in all its creations.

As opposed to present currents in art that focus on subjects of destruction, retreat and withdrawal, my work concentrates
on discovery and displaying the splendor that, in my estimation, provides the basis for our continued existence.

הצעה נוספת לבאנר של קיוטו 97 (1).jpg
הצעה נוספת לבאנר של קיוטו 97 (1).jpg

Drora Spitz

Born in Haifa, 1944. Lives and works in Haifa.


1960 – 1963   Photography major
                 Wizo - Canada High School of the Arts, Haifa    
1971            Studied at the Agfa - Gevaert
                 School of Photography, Antwerp, Belguim
1972            Studied silkscreen printing,
                 Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
1981, 1984     Participated in professional workshops
                 Arles, France
1991            Studied production and video photography,
                 Western Galilee College

and Teaching Positions

1978 – 2004  Director of the Photography Department
                 Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning,
                 Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa

1990-7, 2005 Taught undergraduate photography courses,
                 Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning,

                 Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa

Selected Group Exhibitions

1975            “Small Scale” Artists House, Tel Aviv
1979            “To Santa Caterina with Love”
                 The White Gallery, Tel Aviv
1984            “Window, Room, Furniture” 
                 Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod
1988            “Dance and Photography,” Nikon Live Gallery, Zurich
1990            “L’Orient des Cafes” Institut Français
                  Tel Aviv and other Mediterranean countries
2006           "Between Yesterday and Tomorrow"
                 ZOA New Gallery, Tel Aviv
2007           "Glances at a Portrait" Danon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2008           "In Sight," Mirai Gallery, Tokyo
2011            "Butoh-Dance of the soul"    
                 The Wilfrid Israel Museum of Asian Art & Studies.
2013            "The wilderness my brother wanders"
                 Cnaanite poetry and contemporary Photography.
                 The Social Gallery-Musrara, Jerusalem           
2013            "Variations on Dance" ,Yavne Art Workshop, Yavne
2015            "From Caravaggio to present day" 
                 Sale del Bramante Piazza del Popolo. Rome 
2016            "In memory of Ylona Aron"
                 Artists' tributes, Artists House, Tel Aviv 
2016            "Bustan Khayat", Haifa City Museum, Haifa
2016            "In the mirror of artists"
                 Rosenthalis House Gallery, Yafo 

2018            "Eye to Zion" The Ein Hod Central Art Gallery, Ein Hod

2019            "Animal" Basis Gallery Herzliya

2022           "On Two, On Four", Tel Aviv Artists House

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1972            "Color Photographs" The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1974            "Photographs – Dora Spitz" Art Department Gallery,                  University of Haifa
1976            Ugarit Gallery, Tel Aviv
1979            Union of American Hebrew Congregations, NewYork
1982            The Citadel Gallery, Caesarea 
1985            Spectrum Gallery, Zaragoza, Spain
1988            "Bodies in Movement"
                 The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa
1989            "Landscape and Movement"
                 Institut Français, Tel Aviv
1990            "Images in Movement" Visage Gallery, London
1995            "The Dance"
                 The Open Museum of Photography, Tel Hai 
2005           "The Secret of Light" The Photography Lab gallery,                    Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning,                              Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa
2007           "Eye of the Storm" The Genia Schreiber University                    Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University
2010           "Light in the Mirror of Time" Artists House, Tel Aviv
2017            "Kyoto Poetics" Artists House, Tel Aviv

Photographs Commissioned for Art Exhibitions and Books

1981            “Itzhak Danziger” The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

1982            Mordechai Omer, Itzhak Danziger:  
                 Tel Aviv: Hakibbutz 

1988            "Zohar Stream" photo mural (15 x 3 m.) 
                 on permanent display in the Jewish Museum, Frankfurt

1996            “Itzhak Danziger, 1916–1955" Tel Aviv Museum of Art

                 "Tikkun: Aspects of Israeli Art during the 1970s" Genia                    Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

1996            “Itzhak Danziger, 1955–1977," The Open Museum, Tefen

1998            "Tikkun: Aspects of Israeli Art During the 1970s" Genia                    Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University

2008           “My Own Body, the 1970s in Israeli Art"
                 Tel Aviv Museum of Art

2012            Creative Genius" 100 contemporary artists.
                 Petru Rusu. Editor / Publisher

2015            "The best 2015 Modern and Contemporary Artists"
                 EA Editor - Palermo. Italy

2019            "The Atlante of Contemporary Art” editor DeAgostini"   


2010            "Light Space Time"
                 Drora Spitz Photographs 1968-2009



The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Ilford AG Photographic Gallery, Switzerland
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris
The open Museum, Tefen
The open Museum, Tel Hai
Private collections in Israel and abroad

1991            Special Prize at the Photo Collage contest,
                 Delta Film Ltd. Biennale of Photography, Ein Harod

People who influenced my life

Mordechi Spitz
1913 - 1997

Shoshana Spitz
1921 - 2013

Itzhak Danziger
1916 - 1977

Vicky Remy
1919 - 1990

Aita Kateby
1924 - 2016

Noa Blass
1937 - 2008

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