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My work embodies yearnings to discover the invisible line between reality and feeling. The recurring motive is the dialogue between the camera and the image, struggling to convey what is seen and what is hinted, trespassing from time into space and beyond, touching the simplest, most authentic sensations.

Through the process of layering of various images and objects, meticulous editing and subtracting, the landscape created
conveys a complex multi-dimensional tale, in which nature is embodied in all its creations.

As opposed to present currents in art that focus on subjects of destruction, retreat and withdrawal, my work concentrates
on discovery and displaying the splendor that, in my estimation, provides the basis for our continued existence.

Light | Space | Time

Throughout her entire career, Drora pursues the same dialectic; she consistently uses the same language, which is by no means an easy task through the eye of the camera. Let us not forget, the lense of the camera is “objective”, it photographs what it sees. It is therefore doubly surprising, twice as intriguing, because when you try to introduce the invisible into what you can see, that is when you realize that you are facing the artist’s genius; that is precisely the power, the strength of  Drora’s art”. Read more >

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